I mainly use Twitter to announce new episodes, with tweets & graphics that listeners like you will hopefully feel like retweeting, or otherwise sharing. Most weeks I post zero to three-ish other tweets, so I won't swamp your feed! I've found Twitter to be a great way to spread the word about my work. So if the spirit moves you to forward any of my tweets around, I'll appreciate it. Click the image to the left, or this link to get to my Twitter page.

I used to blog frequently on Medium, but have gotten too busy with the podcast to keep up the pace. However, my Medium page still has a fun archive of stuff, clustered around the release of the novel After On - including some chunky excerpts from it. To browse this history, click the image to the left or this link.

I'm also not a heavy facebook participant (perhaps you detect a pattern). Like Medium, they don't display posts to more than a tiny sliver of followers - UNLESS YOU PAY THEM (which I don't). However, if you're a FB user and feel like sharing my posts with your own community, they WILL reach people. So I'm trying to be more diligent about posting each new episode to FB, as I already do to Twitter - and I'll be honored if you help spread them around. To find me there, click that image to the left, or right here.

As you may already know from an annoying pop-up notice on this very site (sorry!), I send out a very, VERY infrequent newsletter. It only covers developments connected to my books, my podcast, and my other creative projects. I PROMISE I will not bury you in spam if you do me the great honor of entrusting me with your email address! To join the list, click that handsome icon to the left, or this handsome link.

If you'd like to support the podcast financially, please visit my Patreon page. There, you can pledge a monthly sum of any amount to help keep this thing going. About $4,200/month will cover my expenses, plus NYC minimum wage for the time I put in (long-term I do hope to exceed minimum wage - but for now I'd be happy just to reach it!). As I type this, I'm a bit over halfway there, with just under 500 people pledging monthly sums ranging from $1 to an astounding $150 (!). Those supporting me with $5/month or more get access to a special podcast feed, which I fill with bonus content connected to each new episode.