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Bonus Episode: Meet Jordan Harbinger!

This is an unusual, experimental, and (I hope you’ll agree!) fun episode. And I’m calling it a “bonus episode,” because it’s additive to the set of original shows that I’m producing and presenting this month. I typically produce new episodes every two-ish weeks, and we had a new one last week (Daniel Kraft) and will have another one next week (Stewart Brand).

So this week – instead of silence from me – you get to meet Jordan Harbinger. Jordan has a terrific podcast of his own. I’m sharing one of his recent episodes with you today, and next week he’ll be sharing one of my episodes with his audience.

Jordan & I are doing this mainly because we’re confident our audiences will really enjoy the shows that we’re presenting . But also because we’re both completely independent creators, and want to support each other’s work. As you may know, most of the top podcasts are connected to big media entities (like NPR and the New York Times), or to large podcast networks (like Gimlet and Radiotopia). Those affiliations bring money, staff, and/or promotional muscle that independents like Jordan and me lack.


One of the many cool things big networks frequently do is introduce listeners to other shows in their families by cross-posting episodes, like Jordan and I are doing now. I love this as a listener, because I’ve found some of my favorite podcasts this way (through NPR’s “This American Life,” the Radiotopia podcast “99% Invisible,” and other shows that do this kind of promotion).

Hopefully, many of you will now discover a new favorite in Jordan’s show. It’s actually quite different from my show, in ways that Jordan and I will discuss in a sort of mini-interview with one another after the main interview. But we each make some episodes which fit perfectly with the other guy’s work. And the one I’m presenting to you today one of those.

Jordan’s guest is James Fallon - although perhaps not the James Fallon you’re thinking of. Like so many great prior guests on this podcast, today’s James Fallon is a neuroscientist. Specifically, he’s an expert in the dark, but fascinating field of psychopathic disorders. His expertise comes from decades of academic work, a huge amount of neural imaging research and . . . the jarring discovery, rather late in life, that he is – himself – a psychopath. Yes, really. 

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did when I first heard it. And if you think you’d like Jordan’s show after hearing it as well as our discussion at the end, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to The Jordan Harbinger Show

Jordan and me, conversing in my living room.

Jordan and me, conversing in my living room.

Rob Reid