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After On Podcast #35: Empowering the Acre

Andrew Youn is a young American entrepreneur. He's built an organization with remarkable speed, which is vast by the standards of tech and life science startups. It’s not based in San Francisco, Austin, or any other Tech hub – because Andrew’s not making a restaurant-hunting app or a microblog. He's instead trying to transform the food security of some of the world's poorest people. And his organization’s scalability and capital efficiency would be the envy of many of Tech’s greatest startups. It's called the called One Acre Fund, and it’s based in Rubengera Rwanda - a small provincial town that's halfway across the country from the capital city of Kigali.

Andrew Youn

Andrew Youn

Andrew certainly isn't the first founder to appear on this show. Still, this is an unusual episode, in that neither science nor technology sits at the center of his creation. But Andrew’s work is at least important as that of any entrepreneur. And I'm confident that  our conversation will fascinate you. So please enjoy this partial hiatus from my show’s normal obsessions! 

Rob Reid